Seal coating is how people and companies maintain the life and beauty of their paved areas. From parking lots, driveways and more, asphalt paving & sealing is the key to protecting our paving investments. At Port Jervis Paving LLC, we offer the highest quality seal coating services in and around Port Jervis, NY, for all your seal coating needs.

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The Tri-state area is no stranger to harsh and inclement weather. And for our asphalt paving, that can also create more than a few issues. From the harsh cold of New York winters to the sometimes brutal East Coast heat waves, we ask our paved areas to endure a range of conditions, in addition to the abuse of traffic and other challenges.

With professional and reliable seal coating services, home and business owners can help protect their walks, parking lots, and other areas from cracking, fading, potholes, and other problems. If you want to extend the life of your paving investments and maintain and extend the beauty and finish of your paved areas, seal coating is the solution.

Seal Coating Services in Port Jervis, NY
For over four decades, our dedicated and experienced team has delivered the highest quality paving services around. That includes seal coating, lining, grading, and paving for residential and business projects. If you are considering tearing out your old walkway or replacing your parking lot, you may want to consider resurfacing and seal coat options first.

Our team can help determine if your old parking lot or walkway needs to be replaced or resurfaced, or if seal coating is a viable option. For all your paving and seal coating needs, you can count on Port Jervis Paving LLC.

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Seal Coating Services and More

Thank you for visiting Port Jervis Paving LLC. We look forward to helping you with your next paving project, regardless of what you need. From new paving jobs for a parking lot, tennis court, or patio, to repairs or seal coating to protect your paved areas, we can help.

Contact us to learn more about all of our paving services or if you need to schedule paving services today, and seal it with Port Jervis Paving LLC.

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